A new way to use Merman Magic

New way to use Merman Magic:

So one of our happy customers recently emailed us telling us they had discovered a new way to use Merman Magic.  After using Merman Magic to restore their fiberglass boat back to its original shine they wanted to keep it looking just as good after trip to the lake.  They normally would wipe off water spots, and dirt with a cloth and just happened to grab the same cloth they had used to wipe off any excess Merman Magic from their original application.  The cloth worked better than it normally did, so they tried it on an untreated area and noticed that the cloth with some Merman Magic in it brought a luxurious shine out very easily.   They did some experimenting and found that microfiber towel with some Merman Magic worked into it is a powerful tool.  It’s great for wiping off light water marks, dust, and bringing out an incredible shine.  I did some experimenting as well, and found this method is outstanding.  Just a quick wipe-down on my boat after fishing had it sparkling.  Not bad for a 1990 Ranger.   Merman Magic will not dry out, so save that microfiber towel you were using and maybe put a little more on for a great way to keep your Merman Magic shine looking fresh.

Steve Andognini -  CoFounder and CEO

Free product offer!

Want a free bottle of Merman Magic?

You will get one when you post a video showing how great Merman Magic is! When you post a video we will refund your purchase of one bottle, plus ship you one more free of charge just because we love our fans.

Offer is good for all of October, or until we get 15 videos, whichever comes first. Your video should be around one minute long, show good results and be posted publicly on YouTube. 

We will do the rest. Hurry on this one. You can order now and product will be in the mail tomorrow! Use the Contact Us page to let us know the video location, or send it to us on Facebook.

Help in the community

At Merman Magic we believe in giving back. We are excited to announce that we will be donating three dollars for every bottle of Merman Magic we sell online from now until Friday 25th September to a local charity that benefits Cook Children's Medical Center in Fort Worth, Texas. 


You can read more details on our Facebook page.  This Children's Hospital is a world class facility that takes care of kids regardless of the family's ability to pay.


We are glad to help. 

Pre-Orders are here!

We are very excited to announce that we started taking pre-orders for Merman Magic™ today, a product that is going to make you re-think the other cleaning/restoration products you have been using.   Our first orders started rolling in today and we will be shipping next week when we officially are open for business.  

Our Facebook page really started to get some likes are we are thrilled to meet out first customers.  

You can order Merman Magic™ right now for just $14.99 + $2.99 shipping.  Our 4oz bottle is potent enough to complete several large projects, and can save you money with its versatility as well as how little you actually need to use.   Just a drop goes a long way.

Become part of the Merman Magic™ family by ordering your bottle today!

- Steve Andognini    

- Co-founder and CEO