A new way to use Merman Magic

New way to use Merman Magic:

So one of our happy customers recently emailed us telling us they had discovered a new way to use Merman Magic.  After using Merman Magic to restore their fiberglass boat back to its original shine they wanted to keep it looking just as good after trip to the lake.  They normally would wipe off water spots, and dirt with a cloth and just happened to grab the same cloth they had used to wipe off any excess Merman Magic from their original application.  The cloth worked better than it normally did, so they tried it on an untreated area and noticed that the cloth with some Merman Magic in it brought a luxurious shine out very easily.   They did some experimenting and found that microfiber towel with some Merman Magic worked into it is a powerful tool.  It’s great for wiping off light water marks, dust, and bringing out an incredible shine.  I did some experimenting as well, and found this method is outstanding.  Just a quick wipe-down on my boat after fishing had it sparkling.  Not bad for a 1990 Ranger.   Merman Magic will not dry out, so save that microfiber towel you were using and maybe put a little more on for a great way to keep your Merman Magic shine looking fresh.

Steve Andognini -  CoFounder and CEO