Merman Magic™ can be used on just about anything and is specifically forumated for things that are looking old or have lost their shine.  Cars, boats, recreational vehicles, finished wood, plastics, painted metal, rubber, vinyl, and leather will all be left with a Merman Magic™ luxurious shine.  Merman Magic™ is easy to use, is extremely versatile, and highly economical.  Save money and save time with a simple product. 

"Make old things shine like new!"


Merman Magic™ is powerful stuff, and you will be amazed how far just one drop goes.   Before you get started, test in small inconspicuous area first on item you want to restore. Start with  a clean, dry, and cool surface.  Wearing surgeon style gloves rub a very small drop sized amount of Merman Magic™ into desired area (like lotion) until it disappears.  Use the less is more approach. A 4oz bottle goes a very long way.  Wipe away any excess or streaks with a clean and dry microfiber cloth. 

A Merman Magic Demo!